Silver 4Hr Uptrend Channel

COMEX:SI1!   Silver Futures
My fundamentals and technical analysis suggest the Silver is on an uptrend channel . Gold-Silver-Ratio indicates a strong dislocation in the precious metal market. Silver bounced back from 11.6 to 16.11 (at the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement line). Using a Pitchfork , I drew the upward trend crossing through the middle of multiples tops and lows since the 18 March (the pitchfork trend limits also match the Fibonacci Fan lines, but I did not draw it for the avoidance of confusion). Finally, there is strong support at 15 but it breaks the upward trend. My options are: A) To wait for a retrace to 15.4 and going long with SL at 15 and TP at 17.65. B) to wait for the next wave: Silver strength continues to the 16.3 and retraced to the pitchfork lower band of 15.8 before the next big move to the 18.2. Any comment?