The Silver Dragon has awaken again, but

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As some of you may have noticed, the precious metals sector is showing signs of life after a recent cycle bottom. This is great news for bulls. But I'm writing this to show the long-term view. In this monthly chart, you can see we're coming to the exciting edge of the cup of a decades-long cup-and-handle. Cup-and-handle is one of the most bullish chart formations known. So it's not too surprising to have metals climbing this edge. And here's the "but" part. While silver , for example, may very well go parabolic from here, or in a few months from now, it's not really pressured to reach new all time highs ($50+per ounce silver ) until late 2023. That doesn't mean it can't happen sooner, just the formation doesn't necessitate it until then. So while this is a great time to get into silver , and gold , and platinum , etc... just know that it may be a medium or long-term hold, not really a get rich quick sort of short term thing. It could work out short term, and there is plenty of fundamentals in place to make it so, but often these trends take longer to play out than one might expect. This is especially true with precious metals. We just has a nice rally today, and it could continue, but in the greater scheme if you're not already in a position, it could pay off to set a buy order on a reasonable dip and enter then. That's my 2 shillings for now. As always this is not financial advice - entertainment purposes only. Good luck out there yall!

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