Will 21st Century Fox make a bid for Sky PLC?

The share price of Sky PLC             spiked as much as 30% earlier today as news broke out about a potential takeover from 21st Century Fox. Fox already holds 39% of Sky PLCs shares and a preliminary deal has now been reached for Fox to purchase the remaining stake at £10.75 per share. Sky currently operates in five different countries within the EU and with the current weakness of the pound, UK companies are attractive for foreign companies. If this deal successfully goes through, it will greatly increase Fox’s market share of the Global Television industry. Rupert Murdoch, executing co-chairman of 21st Century Fox has made it clear previously that he would like to own all of Sky. Fox have until 6th             January 2017 to make their intentions clear or walk away for six months due to the UK Takeover rules. From the chart, we can see that Sky PLCs share price shot up towards the trendline before retracing to close just below it. Over the next month, we would expect to see some retracement until Fox make their intentions clear or make a formal offer. If no deal is made or the shareholders of Sky reject the proposed offer, the share price of Sky would be expected to fall back towards £7.90. If a deal is successful, price could head in excess of £12.00 depending on Fox’s plans with Sky PLC             .