Syndax is about to see huge gains to ~$24 a share again.

NASDAQ:SNDX   Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Syndax Pharmaceuticals recently had POSITIVE interim data on their phase 2 study in SNDX-5613 for Leukemia. This data was positive as they saw a 48% overall response rate in patients with MLLr or NPM1c; 67% of responders achieved minimal residual disease-negative status. Out of 43 of patients evaluated, 31 were able to be used as for significant data. These two pieces of news are huge as Leukemia is an extremely life threatening disease where more than 50% of people are dead within 5 years. Any drug that can help save these peoples lives is priceless and the upside of this company is definitely there. I believe the sell off was a big Hedge fund taking their profits and exiting as they were not satisfied with the Positive results from the study, causing stop losses and further panic selling. This has also caused an overcorrection in the stock price which should correct once another big player enters and brings the rest of the bulls with them.

There is a rough bottom at $13 currently on the stock and it is possible for the stock to go down further as this is simply my opinion and is for educational purposes only.