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NASDAQ:SNPS   Synopsys, Inc
The company Synopsys that produces software systems dedicated to the production and testing of ingrate circuits finds new impetus.

The company presented excellent results that have decisively exceeded the estimates of the analysis and thanks to these seems to have started in search of the peak and I doubt it will stop here.

The algorithmic advisor Market Miracle generated an input signal at a price of 272 USD with a target price of 298 USD and a potential profit of 9,4

From the point of view of the fundamental data the price seems to be discounted compared to its fair value and the sustained growth of the company produces exciting expectations for the future.

Analyzing on the graph the price action we see from the indicator Miracle Viewer that the institutional have a net position LONG on the stock and that with good probability this could be increased in the months to come for which the target of 298 USD could be only a starting point

This idea is based on the signal generated by the Marketmiracle advisor whose link you can find by scrolling down this page.

Analysis based on the signals of Marketmiracle advisor.

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