SOL/USDT : Noticing some similarities.

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#SOL is moving in a different based range zones since 17th September.
There are some similarities between this zones and movement !
- On every range zone, There was a deviation below the zone and it's went to retest the swing low level for it.
- After a retest on the range high zone, It's went back to the range low level.
- All of them have the based mid-rang S/R zone as an affective level on chart.
- After a retest on the swing low level, There's a same scale for uptrend to the next range !

📚 Now based on given data above, I'm expecting another leg up on #SOL's chart to the same scale level located at $295.
Also it's logical level for public trades and they would set their ASK near to that level below $300.
- Based on FIB extension levels, 0.718's FIB level is located near to $295 too !

📊 But along with the fractal idea, There are some other factors that can make #SOL aggressive bullish in short-term :
In another view, We have the ascending channel and the Support level and support zones.
Based on the current retest of support level , There's a chance for the #SOL to continue the movement and limit the downtrend here !

📑 Conclusion : There's a repetition on range zones on 4H's time-frame, Which lead #SOL to $295 after a retest on swing low level.
But also there's will be another aggressive bullish movement, Which is need to be confirmed by a hold above the resistance zone on 1H's time-frame.

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Based on the technical logic, After breakdown confirmation; We'll face another to $63K and $61K's supports...

But it's not confirmed yet.
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