Big changes need to happen very soon.

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the gaming industry has become so competitive that they have lost sight of whats truly important.
a major correction is taking place and you should really be prepared for what is coming.
playstation 5 should of never come out until 2030.
apple is making the same mistake.
Its just my opinion here but i believe technology in the gaming industry is too advanced.
Need to stop advancing and build on what we have achieved.
The time to switch focus into another area is the responsible choice for the future.
There are many technologies out there that need major upgrades to maintain the level of demand required
for the gaming industry. Internet data speeds need to 50x and maintain global connections.
Starlink and spacex is moving in a positive direction to make this happen overtime.
Need infrastructure to provide access and 24/7 automated support to keep these connections running at full speed.
Merging the gaming industry into a universal console without the need for gaming discs will definitely speed things up.
Go green by eliminating a supply chain demand. All games should be able to play on one system. The system should function like
a pc with access to the current web and web3 connections. blockchain technology and all its resources should be available with
a setup structure for purchases, trades, use case and interacting with exchanges stocks etc....
There is no structure just replacing what you have every 1-5 years and moving on spending alot of finance to keep up with the
rapidly growing technology. Supply shortages and rapidly growing technology has stalled in 2022.

stable profits and infrastructure stability is the ultimate success for economic growth.
share this information with these companies and see what the feedback gets.
these companies and the economy need to be in sync and work together.
if a technology is lagging behind in one area and another is advanced to the point its putting a strain on the tech
common sense tells you that things need to slow down and work to improve the structure in the tech industry and maintain a balance.
instability with demand and competitors fighting for profits is only hurting the economic growth of the markets.

I could go on like this for days.
Just an example and opinion of what i believe will and should happen.
Thanks for reading...

4 to 6 month manipulation of trading pattern timing earning for company quarter gains and losses. cooking the books with manipulated trading. i am still bearish until the stock price is low around 21.00 no matter how long that takes.

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