FAA Investigation and Commercial Mission for Italian Airforce

NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
SPCE switched from vertical growth and fall to sideways accumulation. SPCE tends to grow massively on News, yet fall in the absence of any. It's probably due to the emotional bond to space research many people & investors have and all of us want to see SPCE succeed.

Their main advantage is efficiency. The plane-like runway take-off burns less fuel, so does the feather-like descend. SpaceX, Blue Origin, and other potential competitors use rockets with a vertical start. A disadvantage is that they only approach close to space without getting actually there.

My first two analyses on this stock were turned out to be incorrect as I expected FOMO to be bigger after I saw what happened to GameStop. A third one expected a drop to high liquidity and a sideways action until a significant event takes place. A temporary bottom was created according to the expectations. A last one marked area of liquidity where we are right now.

Today, I would like to mention two events that might influence price but are unlikely to be anywhere close to Richar Branson's personal approach to the border between Earth & Space.

CNN: Richard Branson's flight to edge of space is being investigated by the FAA (Sep 2)
Apparently, the ship was knocked off-course during the parade and Federal Aviation Administration didn't like the red lights in the pilot's cabin either. The course was corrected quickly after realizing that.

It's one of the disadvantages of flying planes as opposed to rockets which would get less influenced by the upper atmosphere winds. I think FAA won't stay in the way of progress and it's probably nothing serious. If they didn't figure it out, Branson wouldn't join the crew in the first place. Also, I don't see FAA staying in a way of the progress of the most fuel-efficient company in this field.

Virgin Galactic: Virgin Galactic Announces First Commercial Research Mission (Sep 2)
And I thought that's what Virgin Orbit is for. Anyway, it's a mission from the Italian air force and the goal is to measure bodily functions such as heart rate.

Why neither positive FAA investigation outcome nor success in the research mission shall bring comparable rally? Neither is as exciting as the company founder flying to space himself. They have already proven, they can do it. Lastly, the public stream is what attracted so much attention to their previous event.

SPCE should return and exceed its previous highs but not until they start putting tourists on board. Hearing some of Branson's ambitious plans, I expect him to release even more shares to raise the company's capital by then like he did last time. It's best to invest now and take profit before a company decides to start building new ports everywhere.