A lot of liquidity below 30 created, price will likely follow

NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
So far Virgin Galactic was an abysmal investment for me. Although I bought CFDs low at about 24 and sold a lot higher, I started buying shares up there and the price dropped. Anyway, I am planning to buy some more shares between $20 and $25 if the price gets there.

Why am I planning to buy when I am already exposed to SPCE? - this company has good prospects for the future. Virgin Galactic is doing its thing more efficiently than Blue Origin. The vertical start is very inefficient and even though it gets Bezoss' New Shepard higher and into actual space, I don't think the people will care that much. As long as they can see that the planet is an oblate spheroid, they will be happy with the experience.

Space tourism might be somewhat threatened by the green activists who think that it will damage the environment too much. Activists are often just political pawns who didn't do their research, so I see how they may be drawn to the logical conclusion that space tourism is bad. But that doesn't make it true whatsoever for a number of reasons I won't be getting into on a Trading platform.

Another threat that might look to be relevant might be posed by socialists/communists on Twitter who know best how to spend someone else's money. Fortunately, they seem to be numerous on Twitter but in the real world, they are outnumbered by the people who see our future in space. Wright brothers who invented airplanes might have also faced people who would say 'Why don't you make bicycles for the needy instead? I don't think these "experts" will be able to stop technological progress.

Why do I think the price has a high probability of reaching for these lower prices? - if there is any blatantly obvious market level, both stop orders will be there! In this case, there will be stop-losses of people who hold longs and who own real shares. There could also be stop-market orders of those who think that this company is a toast (not in this case probably). Anyway, that is the only place where the institutions can open their large orders.

When they want to go long, they need someone to sell to them! It will be those who had stop-loss orders there. As much as I expect Virgin to be a prosperous company in the future and with their commercial (almost) space flights starting next year, I think we will get a good price for the last time in the coming weeks and months.

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