S&P 500 Nov 11

SP:SPX   The S&P 500 Index
Wow what a push. We completed micro wave 1 of the larger wave 5. We are consolidating in micro wave 2. Not sure where that will stop but it looks like it wants to walk along the top of that blue wedge . Then a real big push up for micro wave 3 should occur next. And by the looks of Wave 1, I would say it should hit the top of that black upper trend line . That little red line at about 2280, is a 100% gain of the larger wave 3. Not sure if we hit that or start a rounding top for micro wave 5 just like 3 and 1 did earlier in the year. But who cares. This sucker is flying and if this keeps up, which it looks like it will, we will have that rate hike. And with a rate hike from these heights, the gains on the Vix             should be enormous. Can't wait.

If we do make it to that 2280 mark, look at the 61% Fib retracement for a correction. Its right near that bottom of that long term uptrend line. The point is, big money is ahead. Be ready for the drop. AND IT'S NOT A STOCK MARKET CRASH!!!! We will take off from after February and fly to the moon or at least much higher similarly to what happened in early 2016. We should reach 3000 by sometime in 2020. That's right! I said it. I don't care what you are hearing from the TV dumb asses. This ship will not go down until Europe and Japan go first. WE ARE THE CABOOSE! Always have been, always will be. And while Europe and then Japan fall apart, their money will find a safe haven in the US markets for a short while. Until its time for our Ginormous Super Hyper HOLY CRAP Bubble to burst. We should start to see perhaps a rounding top in the year 2020. And then it will be time for the cycles (Plural) to bring down the house. If you want to know how far down, Just draw a trend line from the bottom of the 2001 crash, then the bottom of the 2009 crash and extend it to about 2022. Then you will know just how bad its going to be. Personally, I am selling my house in the year 2020. No Joke. I'll by a mansion in 2022-2023 for a Yuge discount. But I am getting ahead of myself. Lets just focus on December 15th - 16th. Good Luck