House Of Cards

TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
As time delays the inevitable,
the stock market in the US becomes more risky by the day.

Look at what happened to Amazon's stock on Friday.
The stock lost 7.5 % of it's value overnight 272 points, billions gone, simply up in smoke
after the company reported 2nd quarter earnings that" beat" Wall Street consensus by get this, 20 %

Why such a plunge then in the face of so much good news ?

Well the new CEO was conspicuously absent from the call after the release,
and the CFO made mention on that same call that Amazon's "online sales are slowing"

Heaven forbid.
You mean after the supposed end of the pandemic quarantine in the US in 2021,
people aren't trapped in their homes any more,losing the vested pent up interest to buy something online ?

If this can happen to one of the strongest stocks in the US market over the past year
where the tune of multi billion dollars, can vanquish on a dime,
it kinda makes you wonder how the overall US stock marke might react to really "bad news"

House of Cards ?

It's the ruse that's meant to catch the majority completely complacent
just like majority of Amazon shareholders were on Thursday, just before the semi crash market reaction on Friday.

Woods of Connecticut


Mate, you gotta stop with your bias. Your calls always wrong. One day you will be right. But the short crash obsession just means a open unemotional objective mind makes way more successful trades.
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The_Unwind BrettAnzac

"Technical Angle" of Ascent in S+P 500 is ultimately too sharp a rise to be sustained
The further the market rises, the greater the risk at the pattern Apex point.
A confirming breakout in Gold would offer strong confirming substantial evidence,
were it to occur of a major market multi decade top.
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mpulley BrettAnzac
@BrettAnzac, Ahem. He's a broken clock. Always predicting a bear market. Eventually, he'll get it right and he'll tell everyone, "I told you so." But is that really chart analysis? It's more of a shot in the dark, hoping for a bullseye.
House of cards is the right description,this will be the biggest collapse in history when the cards start dropping.The stockmarket is on a ventilator, has any noticed how much the Dow transportation index has dropped nearly 12% its got to mean something.
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@kosh67 but also looks like a perfect bull flag on the weekly.
kosh67 merkd1904
@merkd1904, Hi I agree we may have one more push up.But within the next 12 months we will see a mother of all crashes.I follow the transportation index daily to give me an idea of what is happening in the world.
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@kosh67, I do agree that it can be utilized as a leading indicator much like the RUT. But if you don't mind me asking how does it give you an idea of what is happening in the world?
kosh67 merkd1904
@merkd1904, Hi what i mean by that is that the index tells you how much business is done around the globe.It has dropped 2000 points which means we are on the way down, it acts as a leading indicator for the health of the economies.
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@kosh67 , I follow the the Dow principals as well. It is refreshing to see someone mention the transportation index.

By following the transportation index, market sediment longs/short ratios, BOP, and volume you can get some really good information to add to your notebook.
kosh67 bm8ter
@bm8ter, Hi I find the Dow transportation index a very useful tool as a leading indicator. No one is talking about the 12% slump or crash it has had. Thank you for your comments.