The Corona Virus Conspiracy ------ WAKE UP IT'S ALL PLANNED

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MartyBoots here , I've been trading the markets for 13 years and I have see this Panic before

What is unusual is that the Corona virus could have actually been used to manipulate the masses and even other countries

Who needs real war when you can just create a deadly virus

Anyway let me know in the comments what you guys think

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This is not my normal video , I just thought I would put it out there because there are a few very fishy elements to this situation , this is also evident in the charts


Whether it´s a coincidence or not, the fact of the matter is a mayor recession was on the horizon for a while now, all the signs were there: transportation index, mid cap companies doing very poorly compared to the blue chips, yield curve inversion etc. Corona is just a very big symptom, but the underlying illness was there all along.

The QE or repos or anything isn´t going to help this time round. My opinion, based on TA, is this is going to be the biggest market crash of the 21st century, dwarfing 2000 and 2008 corrections
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lol you can offer all sorts of theories on the origin of the virus, that's fine, but what matters is its actual impact and the practical implications to the market. No matter whether it was man-made or not, by China or the US, the devastating impact on the global economy is real since everything is being shut down. The market crash is the only reasonable reaction to this fact and I don't see how any "fear-mongering" has anything to do with it. If you think the market is going up amidst the catastrophic breakdown of the global supply chain I'm not sure if there's any good argument for that at all.
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Conspiracy theories precisely. Add this to the million others on youtube. This whole thing sounded like a spooky wallstreet bedtime story.
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Engineered financial reset. The money printing could be an exit pump for liquidity for the elites to buy gold, silver, land and bitcoin prior to Russia/china led gold backed cryptocurrency
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You can't compare wars to today. I don't remember the world shutting down with Sars
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It is an engineered reset. It’s been talked about for many months. We were just waiting for the black swan. Many analysts called for this. Over bought markets in stock market with many companies evaluated way to high for their sales. How did this happen? Stocks buy backs with little to no interest. Stock buy backs technically are insider trading and should be illegal.
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I completly agree on your statement, everything is planned, the whole world is been cheat on, the manipulation of news have been massive where many people is getting profitable from the situation long time before all star.
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It’s a perfect shit storm. We humans didn’t engineer the virus, we are not that technologically advanced yet. This is going to take multiple months and it’s just the beginning.
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Good work bro