Elliott Wave indicates another hot inflation report

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We believe we have finished Intermediate wave 3 after an extended Minor 5 and are somewhere into Intermediate wave 4 which should bottom soon. The full wave identity is 152BA4. Based on waves ending in 2BA4. Intermediate 4 will likely last no more than 3 trading days which would end tomorrow. The quartile movement retracements are at 20.04%, 26.20%, and 32.36%. We surpassed the 26.05% level today which was 3995.07. The 32.36% is the third quartile and that would place the bottom around 3970.31. These values are light blue.

Based on waves ending in BA4, most model agreement stands at a length of 1-2 days while 3 days remains likely. Regarding the retracement levels, the first quartile and median are repeated values while the third quartile is at 48.55% for a potential retracement. This would place the bottom around 39.05.20. These values are yellow on the chart

Finally, historic waves ending in only A4 provides many more datapoints, however they may be less concise from the precision provided in the prior two paragraphs. Strongest model agreement places the length at 2 days, followed by 1 day, then 6, 3, 10, and 4 days. Regarding the retracements, quartile values repeat again for the first two while the third quartile is near the 61.8% Fib (low at 3851.85)

Based on these datapoints, the models are leaning to a length of two total days for Intermediate 4 which would mean the bottom has already occurred at the time of writing. I am still leaning on a possibility of 3 days meaning we could see a new low early tomorrow before a likely rise into Intermediate wave 5 for which I will consider tops later.

Early thoughts has Intermediate wave 5 lasting around 5 trading days before we begin the next downturn. Early thoughts to the top should be slightly above current resistance setting up a bull trap and snap back down. These five trading days not including tomorrow (if we achieve a new low for Intermediate wave 4) would begin on Wednesday and end around early next week. This aligns with the Inflation report on Tuesday. If this is the catalyst, inflation likely rose higher than expected and Fed backtracks on cooling down in December which would re-spiral the market for the next month or two.

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