TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Price entering Buy Zone. Expect pivot within 3-5 trading days IMO. Falling Wedge formation, inverted H&S on Right Shoulder.

Friday will be daunting and may well mark the LOTM. September Triple Witch was ferocious, expect more same. Pivot likely Mon 18 Oct IMO.

This ain't investing advice, Do Due Diligence, GLTA!!
Trade active: Scaling in call spreads in SPY, IWM. Holding out for lower in QQQ, price ought to retest $355 IMO. Buy some today, more tomorrow, a lot on Friday if it tanks.
Trade active: Sold the rally intraday and scaled in more calls (rolling puts into calls). Look for an EOD sale again IMO
Comment: Bought ten each Nov/Oct bull call spreads on IWM/QQQ/SPY; hedged the hedges with five each Fridays puts (1:2 c/p ratio, plus short spread legs > double hedged). GLTA!
Trade active: VERy suspicious of this pm rally, shorting it. Holding some bull spreads in case it gets real.
Comment: Closed all the longs on the stupid rally and shorted it, closed the shorts, back in cash, let's see if we get that EOD sell again... we got a mixed day here, DJT,DIA still down going to the close, RUT flat.

Models are so deceptive. EW fans will trade into steep losses based on faith in their model. EW fails more often than not. Fibonacci is a dead Italian mathematician, those Fibos fail as well.

We only know the price is close to reversal uptrend, soon. Could sell again once more and probably will. Do not underestimate Triple Witching!
Comment: Hmmk it seems to be holding up I'll bite with a bull spread and see if it gaps up Thursday...
Comment: 20 mins remain and it didn't sell yet, i hedged with 5 QQQ puts, increasing my bull spreads, IMO could gap up.
Comment: Closed the hedge puts on slight weakness, added weekly calls on SPY and QQQ, added bull spreads, entered IWM bull spread, all in 05 Nov strikes.

Now in 80 calls. Better get that green gap fgs...
Comment: I'm cautiously optimistic but still a wee bit worry about Friday. If we get a green gap, close most of these IMO
Comment: Futurz green AH with +0.50c most ETfs, fingers X'd
Comment: ZOMG!!!
Trade active: Closed the whole lot out on monster gap +110% on 80 calls, finally hit one. Look for slight pullback? Re-entry.
Comment: Wow it touched 440 and SLAM! Calls dropped 50c in 3s ffs, this is a risky business!!
Comment: I would reckon the monster gap today to close by EOD or Friday in Witching. Would NOT load up longs and chase atm!!

Coffee break time!
Trade closed: target reached: Murrey reversal zone 4492, lotta resist at 4470-75, no position now, expect sharp pullback to support, gapfill