Credit goes to DJ1618 for opening up even just for a mili-second

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‘While you live, shine

have no grief at all

life exists only for a short while

and time demands its toll. ’
Comment: longterm, The US brings more *US stores to Mexico while Mexico undergoes a crisis of identity. we continue surveilance, they don't seem to understand the legal system we have in the US, focusing on their relationship with *us rather than strengthening their own system of fair courts in Mexico, We take advantage of holding certain restrictions on their "new way of life" While their leaders become more distanced from the people as they travel abroad. The people through a crisis of identity, undergo change as they question their contribution to their families, Short term more McDonalds, Abercrombi and Fitches, and Fords, mid term: searching for social systems that can educate+(health,food,housing* assistance) long term, stronger people in mexico, less dependant on agriculture. *No pain, no gain. Says Trump, How big is the voice saying. Is it too little to late?
Comment: morlocks and eloi
I am a huge enthusiast, I love your work! I was wondering how much you charge for an original print! This would fit perfectly in my abstract art collection! Peace and Love!