SPXU - Buys to Open

AMEX:SPXU   ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500
The Indices are in the final stages of this rise in Price for the ES. The RTY has begun to roll over. The NQ will follow and finally the INDU - this is IF there is a rotation, there may not be. It would be a panic move as the DOW is targeting 28,2000.

We are positioning an Inverse Ladder for Buy to Opens in SPXU . We being my son and myself.

17.00 - early BTO @ 2%

16.57 - early BTO @ 8%

15.85 - Ideal BTO @ 30%

14.92 - Ideal BTO @ 40%

13.46 - Ideal BTO @ 10%

The VX Complex is targeting 12.30s on larger Daily Setup. It may or may not get there, it would require a massive move for Pirce in all Indices and a small recovery in the RTY to a minimum of 2335.50.

We will move up entries for SPXU Price should the VX Curve change, it is presently in Contango, but we anticipate it moving into Backwardation very quickly as the dislocation similar to LTCM Russian Bond Dislocation and 1987s German Bond Dislocation.

IN addition, we will be positioning in the VX Curve from August to November.

The VXM will be used for Inverse Ladder from 12.30s on the August Front Month after the Continuous Contract resolves.

40% of our portfolio will be positioned in the VX Complex August to November. 40% in the SPXU and 20% Net short NQ, MNQ.

Our Sell Side Account will be in effect 100% Sell into July 23-25th. We will begin positioning July 21st and 22nd with 100% allocation regardless of Fills on Inverse Ladders for VX Complex and SPXU .


As for Options, we will be allocating Capital into Selling Calls near upside targets.

We will sell Deep in the money Calls for the NQ, ES initially and follow with a Call Ladder for the YM.

YM Calls -35900, 36700 are the targets, We will begin selling YM calls @ 35000, 34500, 34000, 33500, 33000, 32500.

ES Calls 4190, 4250, 4280, 4330, 4380

NQ Calls 13200, 13900, 14100, 14300, 14500, 14700

Comment: My Target for SPXU remains 85.56.

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