21D DDOI Gamma Exposure

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This chart is intended for other idea articles but I thought it was interesting enough for its own idea.

I'm not allowed to post my website, but you can find it in my profile it contains the data I used for charting this.

1) Naive Gex - Is the total option chain of a stock across all expirations. In other words the gamma exposure assumes customer is always long call short put meaning the dealer is short call and long put.
Not very helpful, but it gives you the idea of the total value of options out there. It is based on CBOE delayed data.

2) 21DMA of dealer directional open interest (DDOI) gamma exposure across all option chains of the S&P 500.

This data is mapped from my website into Trading View.
There is no way I found to get options pricing data for all of option chains, so tracing is the only way I can get this data into trading view.

What you can take from this data is simple.

It is a measure of liquidity in the entire S&P options data.

I labeled what type of liquidity regime we are in.

To those who are predicting a crash during positive liquidity environments.

Don't get caught to short. If you manage a portfolio properly then I doubt you will need to worry about a market crash.

I see 2 scenarios of a market crash happening at the bottom in stocks and bonds.

1) It's short lived (~15-20%) and corrected via interest rate decreases and changes to SLR / ON Reverse Repo. Long enough to see who has been swimming naked, but not break Central banks.
2) a crash so big it collapses central banks and US has not choice but to change to CBDC (the "great reset" scenario)

If you manage a portfolio properly, you wouldn't listen to any advice I have for doing so anyway.
and you are prepared for the scenario 1.

if scenario 2 happens it will break society and USD and everybody finds out they only own fugazzi (nothing).
Realestate, hard assets like gold, silver, food, water. oil will sky rocket.

Throughout all the selling last week the entire S&P did not go negative gamma.
This is positive market conditions.

Next week is considered a very large window of weakness in options event volatility and expiration.

I expect volatility next week and we won't know the true outcome until after OPEX.

Have you ever heard the phrase don't fight the fed.

Well in this case, don't fight the fed liquidity.

I think we're at that critical juncture the next 3 months and I will be the first waving red flags.

A slight flinch in PPI not meeting expectations was just repositioning for CPI miss and FOMC 75bps hike.

To be clear on my position.

1) I think PPI is a bad measure to inflation. so many factors. I only track for event vol and how dealers position around events.
2) CPI will likely be same as PPI. Lower but beat expectations.
3) FOMC - no rate hike. Hold for more data. Price stability...

I believe Elon Musk.
He Believes Cathy Woods

My instinct tells me that ARKK is at its tipping point now and more losses on stocks like TSLA will cause liquidity issues.

The amount of selling after Archegos would pale in comparison the financial storm of a larger hedge fund going under.

And I could be completely wrong.

It is easy to call a trend change while in the trend.
It is incredible difficult to build economic models that identify when a trend will change or when a market will crash.
But I'm trying.

So before you come clown bashing my work, at least provide some of your own information or data to backup your claims.

I have used these models of liquidity measurement to predict precisely when trends will change.

over and over

and over

and over again.

Dealer Directional Gamma Exposure is trending positive.
Lower CPI + Fed Rate Pause will increase liquidity.
Increased Liquidity will lower volatility through Christmas for a Christmas rally.
If no pause and higher CPI then I will buy OTM puts and go out for pizza

This trend needs to break because lower lows for this expiry or next (quad witching) will likely cause a liquidity crisis. A Taper Tantrum. The Big One.

Final Thoughts.
I am an Optimist, a Protagonist, an Innovator, Engineer, Artist, but far from ever joking around except to turn a frown upside down.
Thanks to all who support my ideas.

If the white rabbit is what you seek. The trendsetter xyz is the key.

Intraday update. Crude chart but you can see even with TSLA selling off today and VIX blasting off there is still the slow grind higher.
Key to remember what I said about the direction not being known until after Quad Witching. Until then, assume more playing chicken with the 20D moving average.