SPY-SPX - Getting close to a top! "Tin Foil Hat" begins 1/10

We've been looking for the elusive top since this recent bull run up began Oct 3 2019.
Our Last post was Merry Christmas! with some positive bullish astronomical alignments.
They've worked out nicely.

Now, This post begins to see some very uncomfortable timing events coming soon.

We call these "Tin Foil Hat" observations. We use an astronomical program, and then we try to line up with other
market indicators and Elliott wave counts to find major market turns.
Many traders poo poo astronomical observations as voo-doo trading.
However, we used to think the same thing, until we really began to explore and work with these ideas.
Famous traders like W.D. Gann , J.P. Morgan, in history used these ideas.
We are not experts, but are curious and willing to explore these potential ideas.
Most traders are familiar with lunar events and see a correlation to the market prices.

We notice that on 1/10 at 12:07 EST (thinking New York ) the lunar eclipse begins.
What we find interesting is that on the same day the Sun and Mercury conjoin. These also semi Square Mars... this could be a market high.
1/12-13 We see a huge release of energy with the Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto in a QUADRUPLE conjunction... markets should drop .
1/14-15 Mars now joins the fight with Saturn-Pluto conjunction... this could get violent ... bearish
1/17 Before the market starts to open the Moon fights the above listed planets and sun. This is very violent! Distress!
1/18 Mercury squares Uranus and should cause problems with travel,communication and computers for a few days...
could we see travel restrictions, cell phone or internet disruptions? Who knows?

The next week from Lunar eclipse and on looks pretty grim for the markets.
We are not trying to be a prophets here but simply observe the similar astronomic line ups in the past.
They had serious and dangerous outcomes for the news!
Think 9/11 or the Japan Tsunami. Greater than normal earthquakes and volcanoes.
Also the death of well known (around the world) important people. Think like JFK , MLK , Princess Diana.
Revolutionary violence like Tiananmen Square in China. Fall of National governments like what happened in Russia 1917, China 1949, South Vietnam 1975
We are not saying all this is gonna happen, but the timing is there as a strong possibility. (Of course none of this could happen)
Let's see what happens!

We are long for just a bit more. We want to finish up the Elliott wave counts as shown with a SPY target around 327.80. ( SPX around 3288)
Then short the market before the Lunar eclipse begins or if sell target is reached, whichever happens first.
If you are interested in joining our free chat room, just send a personal message to budchevy and ask to join. He is the gatekeeper
Jan 12
Comment: Wow! Nice move down with the Eclipse...
Back on Jan 8th we forecast a rally towards the 327.80 target zone.
We just missed the high target at 327.80 zone.
At this point (Jan 12) it Looks like the wave 3 (black) extended near the high at 327.46, just before the eclipse started.
If the Elliott count is correct, then the black wave 4 probably bottomed at the Jan 10 last candle low... we may see the wave 5 (black) go on up higher into the target area. This would complete the target and the wave counts.
Then as the other astro timing events come into play in the coming week, the whole market should cascade down to the blue wave 4 below as a lot of 5th waves of smaller degree would be completed.
If the market continues strongly downward from tonight's update (Jan 12th) then the target was missed by .34 cents and the bigger blue wave 4 down is already in motion and will continue lower.
The 324.83 dashed line is critical to which wave count is correct.
Remember a lot of bad "Ju-Ju" is forecast for the next 2 weeks.
Jan 12
Comment: As mentioned above about serious and dangerous news regarding people dying, Tsunami, earthquakes and volcanoes, We're now keeping an eye on the Taal volcano in the Philippines. This looks like an eruption is about to happen soon. The planetary alignments are coming into play.
Numerous earthquakes have just been reported as the Taal volcano looks pretty serious!
Jan 16
Comment: Price Target raised to the 331.5-332.43 zone... probably end of week. Things setting up for a turning point
are you like retarded or something
@ARCHIDUKE, Yep. Don't worry I won't tell your friends that you read "retarded" information.
Seriously though, astro trading has been a great tool for us to use. It has something to do with the electric universe we are in. Study NASA plasma fields and electric magnetism that affects our planet and the animals. Solar cycles, sunspots, lunar changes, it all changes the crowd psychology and "mood of the masses". We simply look at previous alignments of past positions and the historical events that happened at that time.
Are we going down soon?
Thank You
Trumps Bogus trade deal
@ecramer, getting close my friend, see updated published chart on 1/16/2020
ecramer whiteknightmoving
Thank You
Hopefully your right!
You clearly left out the position of our solar system within the milky way.
Nice work and thank you for the interesting info. Volume has turned lighter and indicators turning over from a TA perspective. Do you believe we see 320 this week?
@GenX9, yes - see updated published chart dated 1/16/2020
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Well shit...it does honestly look like it's topping. Guess all those degrees in mathematics and Economics were bullshit...should have just bought fortune cookies.
@dame_el_pobre, sorry if you wasted your money on degrees in economics. College degrees have little to offer us in the real world as a traders.
W.D.Gann never even graduated from grammer school. Yet he was observed, tested, and recorded as the best trader.
We also have college degrees, in engineering, mathematics, physics. Please don't think that having college degrees makes us successful traders.
In fact Albert Einstein invested most of his 1921 Nobel Prize money in the markets and lost it.
As far as buying fortune cookies, they also don't work but are quite tasty!
Seriously though, we hope that you would patiently consider and study the "crowd mentality" and the interesting timing of emotional events.
Especially when lined up with repeating cycles in history... Lots of mathematics !
That can be extremely profitable!
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