Will I buy STEEM in near future? Is it a good idea?

ABSOLUTELY, This coin is about to make a statement, Its nearing the crossover and just had a golden cross about 3-4 hours ago.
STEEM is going to make the bounce. I have outlined 2 possibilities for it here.

So we are charting this and steem is currently .00048219
By the time 12 hours rolls around we should be near .00050-.00060
Bye 24 hours rolls we should be near .0007-.0008
This would be nearly a 2x gain.

So not only do we have STEEM working on a Cup and handle . But we also have bitcoin about to make a rebound aswell.
bitcoin has been destabilized and has had it Dominance put in jeopardy buy ethereum .
but the past day has shown alot of resilience for our precious bitcoin .
This being said. BUY STEEM. its a good purchase and a good investment the community around steem,
and the social aspect of the website and content creators is absolutely great.
This coin community is growing rapidly.
The outreach is reaching ATH .
And the Coin is going to reach Near ATH BTC price. But more importantly
Will be ATH USD Price.

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Thank you,
JC (TheCryptoGenie)
Trade active: EVerything Still going according to plan.
The 50 MA is moving into the 200 MA so this means bullish!
Should see targets hit in no time!