SUSHIBUSD 4hr ://buy the dip ride to 3.70-4 n do it again up2 6.

GOT the new born n x miss so not much time today but chart wise VET ALGO n SUSHI charts look awesome. WHAT UP BTC_ATH_MERRY X-MISS

CEL can not be stopped, hoping for a dip to 3.40ish to buy more CEL.
CHSB looking strong

YFI is in danger of sliding down to 16k level but i doubt it with the upcoming hype but that what the chart is looking like unless something changes ie BTC YFI pair pump would do it.

BUY the DIP and take profits whenever your in the green.

ALGO target .37 to .39 maybe less or more depending on BTC n ETH pairs

SUSHI look to ride all the way to 4.00 or just below. at least 3.70 then run to 4.00

VET target .17 n up

YFI must defend 19 to 21k but really for signs of rally we need 23k n up targets will very on strength of run and when the %60 whale yfi controlling market takes profits but be on call at 28 to 31k is the important areas with resistance/support at 29k-ish.