I have been extremely bullish on Swipe ( SXP /USDT) for a while and even more so with several upcoming events such as the token burn in August 2021 where the founder of Swipe, JL will burn 10M SXP (currently worth over $25 million) from the Founders unlock. JL has recently burned a whopping 50 million SXP tokens (Valued at $200M) which decreased the total supply by -17.5%. Ultimately, the goal of reaching their deflationary target of only 100M Swipe tokens is nearing, whereby the supply of Swipe tokens will be reduced by over 50% from the current total supply (239.6M). The recent launch of Swipe v2 was very successful and there is huge anticipation for the upcoming SwipeChain testnet launch on July 6th 2021. Fundamentally, the future looks very promising for SXP holders.

Bitcoin's huge -50% retracement from ATH this week resulted in a bloodbath for Altcoins. With surplus FUD circulating the price of BTC flash crashed to $30k, and alts were down over 50-70%. This has provided a great opportunity to buy the fear and secure a long term entry on SXP which has retraced -70% from its local high of $5.87 in early May 2021. The daily RSI has also cooled off and reached oversold levels 30. It is important to monitor BTC closely for now, which has bounced promisingly from the low of $30k already, currently trading at a price of $41650 at the time of publishing this idea. If Bitcoin can successfully regain $42k (200 daily EMA ), then I believe the market sentiment will flip bullish again in the short-medium term with eyes on the 21 weekly EMA (at around $46k) being the next major resistance for BTC .

We are already +30% up from my entry at $1.79, which was communicated to my premium group yesterday. Pay close attention to the upcoming resistance levels on the chart highlighted by the red horizontal lines, once these levels are broken and confirmed as support I believe SXP will swiftly rise towards breaking its ATH and reaching our target of $10 which sits below the 2.618 fib extension level. If you are interested in receiving time sensitive entries and market updates in my premium group, follow me on TradingView and send me a message for further information.

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Disclaimer: This is only my opinion and should not act as financial advice, always DYOR (Do your own research).


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