Tricida, Inc - Aamazing opportuntiy

NASDAQ:TCDA   Tricida, Inc
** investment opportunity - low risk - market capital > $1.4B **

The above 10-day chart could be discussed for hours there’s so much going on. Will try to keep it brief!

1) Price action has corrected over 91% without the help of stock splits. It is incredible to think folks were trading this stock 10x current prices as recently as November 2019.

2) A ‘great buy’ signal was printed last September. However it is only now become very interesting. Why? Divergence…

3) Regular bullish divergence is clearly visible between Stochastic RSI and price action. Higher highs on the oscillators with lower lows in price action. In fact 9 oscillators (green label) are showing positive divergence at this time. Amazing.

4) Dragonfly DOJI . Those who follow me know how I feel about those signals. On a weekly chart it is fantastic, 10-day chart, easy money. On a 3-month chart it is a rocket ship that would make Elon blush. The Dragonfly DOJI candle is currently printing on the 3-month chart with 10 trading days left until close, but we can overlook that remaining time given the divergence. This is a huge signal.

A buy from < $4.60 is amazing.

Good luck


3-month chart - Dragonfly DOJI

Trade active
Trade active: Up almost 50% in what 60 days? Amazing! No significant resistance until $20 area. Even still the Dragonfly that appeared on the 3-month chart (above) informs us this move is just in the beginning stages. Should be very rewarding if left for a year or two.

Comment: Now 80%!

Comment: A test of the $7 area could be up and coming as the weekly prints a bearish engulfing candle.
If you're an investor you don't do anything, the trend is clearly in a upward trend.
If you're unable to sit still and move in and out of trades, you shouldn't be holding this after a 100% upside move.
I'm an active investor, I don't ignore those moves, I get out and move onto the next trade. Could be weeks or months, no rush.

My time is spent studying so you don't have to. Is that of value to you? Then help me keep it of value to me;)



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