$TGT for long term?

NYSE:TGT   Target Corporation
it was a tough 2022 for $TGT due to shortage of inventory or overstock inventory. their black Friday sales wasn't impressive along with their Christmas sales. on top of that, the inflation is making it hard for the consumers to spend their money.
despite the inflation , consumers learns to spend their money in smarter way. $TGT manage to control their inventory in the right way and slowly replenishing their shelves in the meaningful way. within the couple of months target got upgrade and downgrade
twice for from hold to buy and outperform. stock price of target is very attractive right now and might me a good for long term hold.

$TGT typical price move is about $2.00 to $4.00

Below is my price level entry and exit for intraday trading or scalp play.

the stock looks extended in 1hr chart. I suggest to wait about 30min to 1hr at the
opening bell before following the stock.


For calls; buy above $161.49 and sell at 163.27 or above

For puts, buy below $158.34 and sell at $157.27 or below

Bot generated technical analysis:

Last price: 160.12

1st resistance level: 161.70
2nd resistance level: 163.27

1st support level: 157.90
2nd support level: 155.67

Honorable mentions: $WMT technical looks good and momentum still looks solid.


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I am going to POST where i look for possibly entry and exit for intraday or scalp for trading.
I will try my best to make the idea short and simple as possible.

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