Tlmusdt has made a vast uptrend so far but price got rejected (0.3) on it's trial to break the previous high(0.33). Chart clearly shows a pending formation of a head and shoulder pattern but it was all to diguise, we saw a continuation in the uptrend to the previous high. A close above with a retest will validate the move to a new high which has been specified on chart.
I am very sorry for the inconveniences caused, all the posts i published about 8-10hours got restricted to the public due to some violations. All updates will be republished soon.
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Trade active: Tlm broke out, good entry point at the resistance zone 0.328 - 0332
Comment: Stop loss 0.323 (3% risk)
Comment: Tlm has broken the previous resistance and now currently retesting the new support zone at 0.354 - 0.359. A close above this suppory zone will validate long position to the price target on chart.


Really appreciate your TA, it's phenomenal. Can you please tell me if we can short trade at 0.39-0.44?
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@Kraken4 welcome but don't short.
Kraken4 Pearl-A
@Pearl-A, BTC is up but TLM went down! It's at 0.3016 now
@Pearl-A what do you think in how much time it will reach 0.45 ?
Update will be made soon. Anticipate!
so do you still think it can test $0.39 with this momentum?
hossam_hoshoos LexConsults
@LexConsults, What is your view of the current situation?
new update on tlm will be published soon. Anticipate!
I set my stop loss at $0.2990, it didn't get there before it took upside momentum again 😂