NASDAQ:TLRY   Tilray, Inc. - Class 2
Reversal patterns printing on daily, oversold stoch on weekly and selling momentum is slowing down. We might be bottomed out and this on has a good R:R.

The support area should be help no matter what or this trade is a stop :) will try to update this in time..

Trade active: so not much changed on this idea since its a weekly and it has been only 1 week,

TLRY probably going for the .886 level move before the reversal, still oversold on weekly, no divergence yet, but $9.85 should be a huge support technically. Upside potential is much more than the downside, the only unknown variable here is time, and that will be the gamble. Weekly volume is one of the lowest since a long time, and the only decision about this trade if you are already in, is gonna be made after the bounce, to consider if it is a relief bounce or a trend start.. till then, patience,


Trade active: volatility is so low. my target $9.85 is almost hit, and these areas are good prices to get in. We will print a reversal pattern soon as I see it.

first target will be $14
Comment: previous support area acting as resistance. its expected, need to go above the zone for a trend reversal
Comment: possible S/R flip might happen. otherwise we will be back in old boring ranges
Comment: this might be the most boring asset ever last months -.- will be patient