Smaller altcoins fell an avg of 40%. Buy alts when RSI at 40

Going down until thursday, friday. Should start rising again this weekend.

Buy altcoins when RSI gets to 40 . It's 54 right now.
Comment: I meant to say to buy alts when RSI gets to 44.
Comment: Wow I'm pretty close to reality! ;-)


On what chart? 1h? 4h? 1d?
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voltah KentKanobe
@KentKanobe, his chart shows bar on "days", so more than likely 1D chart setting and then drag as you need, more than likely.
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Thank you! Cheers
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heya any updates on where to next?
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brian7683 jamminx
We definately are in an ALTCOIN cycle!
Smaller ALTS marketcap will go to $400B before taking a breather.
what RSI value are you using? 14 or lower?
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voltah voltah
@voltah, nevermind, it is right in front of my eyes 14, thanks. lol
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what's going happen next because now it's very bullish.
what does RSI mean?