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What are the Altcoins saying and how will they perform during the marketwide correction?

In relation to Bitcoin or on their own?

The Altcoins market can be divided in multiple sections.

Overall, the Altcoins are saying, "We are going down with Bitcoin."
The majority of the Altcoins will move lower together with Bitcoin. This is specially true for Altcoins vs USDT.

If we are looking at a Tether (USDT) pairing, most will go down initially regardless of how they performed in the past.

Only one section of the Altcoins market will remain immune to Bitcoin's correction and that's the Altcoins vs BTC.
All those USDT pairs that are closely related to their BTC counterparts can move ahead.

For example: PEOPLEBTC is set to grow when Bitcoin goes into correction mode so PEOPLEUSDT can be immune to the upcoming correction, initially.

Another example: APTBTC can grow when Bitcoin enters correction mode while APTUSDT goes into correction mode.

In general, we can only say that the Altcoins vs Bitcoin pairs will be safe.

If we look closer though, on an individual basis many Altcoins will remain immune but these are still a minority portion of the market.

Example: Those Altcoins that produce a big green candle when Bitcoin produces a strong red candle can be safe...

We cannot generalize at this point because there just too many Altcoins.

The initial effect of the correction can be felt all across.
While some go down, others will grow.

The only section of the market that we know will be safe, based on hundreds of charts, are the BTC pairs (Altcoins vs Bitcoin)

This is the place to protect capital or keep on earning while Bitcoin corrects.


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