🅱️ The TOP Is In: March 2024 Bitcoin Turns Red ($250K In 2025)

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Bitcoin grew by 313.54% coming from a low 21-November 2022 to a peak 28-February 2024. The entire bullish wave lasted 464 days.... WOW!

Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Etc.

We have not seen anything like this since the year 2021... Surreal to say the least but, this is only the beginning; we are only getting started.

While the current bullish wave reached its end, the bull-market is only about to start.

I am grateful to be around and being able to share with this community and play this game.

Let's focus on the positive side.

If this is the "preview," the relief rally or recovery rally, just imagine how far up and strong Bitcoin will be in this newly developing bull-market.

We might end up with $222,222 in 2025 or even $250,000... Too early to say, of course, we are about to enter a correction but we have to aim high, high, high... High up!

👉 We can expect a major correction now, can last 2-3 weeks just as it can last 4-6 months. Once the correction is over, we can expect sustained growth until the bull-run phase in 2025. That is a rough analysis of what we will see in 2024 and 2025.

Once the next correction low is in, never look back! Bitcoin will grow and grow and grow until 2025.

There will be plenty of time to prepare, to plan, to profit, to work... Just remember, it is wise to take profits; we trade to make money; as for the Altcoins; buy and hold!

How do you define a bottom or a top?
How do you determine if prices are either high or low?

The only way we can know if Bitcoin is "high" or "low" is by comparing the current price with past performance.

Bitcoin is trading at its highest level in more than two years.

Is this the top?
Can you say with 100% certainty, is this the top?

I can't say with 100% certainty that this is the top but this I know for sure, we are definitely not looking at the bottom.

The bottom was hit November 2022 and when it hit, people were in denial and disbelief expecting lower prices just as everybody is now in greed expecting forever more.

Enjoy the ride but make sure to secure your trades, secure your buy, secure profits or you will regret it when the crash comes.
Bitcoin top is confirmed (likely in) based on the Altcoins market

The type of action we are seeing across the Altcoins market, now going up to three digits green in a single day, is indicative of Bitcoin reaching a top.

👉 This type of behaviour only happens when Bitcoin completes its bullish wave and money flows from Bitcoin to the Altcoins.

Maximize profits on the Altcoins.
Prepare accordingly.
Secure profits.
Don't get greedy.
Remember; if you missed one opportunity, there will always be more.

Patience is key!

The strongest signal right now revealing what is coming to Bitcoin and the major Altcoins is related to the Altcoins market.

This dynamic can be summed up in a few simple charts:

1) Consider Polygon (MATICUSDT)
66 Days moving within a lower high, no growth. While other Altcoins are growing now 100%+ daily.

109 days moving within a sideways range... Read the full analysis below:

2) Solana (SOLUSDT), technical double top pattern
A similar situation, more than two months where growth from peak to peak is less than 10%. Altcoins are now growing daily 50+60%.

3) Others Dominance (OTHERS.D)
This index tracks the Altcoins minutes the TOP10.
It shows a massive bullish explosion about to develop.
Support has been confirmed and the week is about to close ultra-bullish.

This can only happen as Bitcoin moves down, the smaller (and remaining Altcoins) move up.

This will complete the bullish cycle so make sure to make the best of this situation. This moment has been building up for more than a year... Grow your capital, take profits, sell high up, buy low, rinse and repeat and then get the low ones to hold long-term.

Keep a portion in cash to buy back in when the correction ends after the bullish wave hit its peak.

I know it is kind of complex... Read through the everything to maximize potential wins.
The weekly session/candle closes within 24 hours; less than 24 hours.

This week Bitcoin had one of its best weeks ever.
This is good in a way but this is bad also, if you are not prepared.

After the market hits bottom, the worst possible, a bullish phase starts.
After the market tops, a bearish wave starts. Not that this is necessarily the top but... Let me continue.

The best week ever. What happens if next week is red?
It is no big deal to have a red week but, are you prepared?

When Bitcoin goes red on the weekly timeframe after massive growth, the proceeding session tend to push prices below the previous session low.

In numbers terms; Bitcoin hit a low this week of $50,900. This can mean that if Bitcoin goes red next week —high probability— it would push prices below 50K.

Seeing Bitcoin trading around ~62,000, that would be a major drop and at the same time would confirm the start of a bearish wave.

The Altcoins will continue to grow. This is important because there is some confusion about this point.

Most of the Altcoins will continue to grow. The initial reaction can push prices lower all across, but this would only last a few days and those that are entering a major bullish wave would continue to produce and complete their cycle before their corrective phase.

This is only obvious if you look at the charts. Notice the recent idea for DOGEUSDT or simply check BCHUSDT or XRPUSDT as a few examples. While some grow, others will retrace.

➖ The April 2021 peak price has now been broken.
➖ Bitcoin is aiming at $67,000 now, the October 2021.

➖ The next target will be the early November 2021 All-Time High at $69,000.

Play safe!


P.S. We are now bullish on all the Altcoins mentioned previously that were trading within a lower high. Those that broke the last high and produced a higher high, we are bullish on those; and the rest of the Altcoins market of course.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.
One final piece of sharing before Bitcoin hits a new All-Time High.


There is a moment, a flash, a time period right after we take profits where things can get out of control.

If you think about it, the whole process, the whole trading process, the whole buying and holding, the long-term buy and hold can take years.

You can be buying and buying, holding and waiting for years.
One can get used to waiting and having all capital always covered, "divided," diversified, "invested" somewhere...

There is a moment when we sell, when we take profits after years of preparation, planning, holding, patience for sure; where things can get out of control... This is what we will fix right now.

The moment you close a position, the moment you "sell a portion," the moment you are sitting out there is no need to jump back in, no!

One can wait patiently; opportunities are endless.
We can wait patiently, the market is not going anywhere, it surely isn't going away.

There is no need to rush to new pairs, new trading, more and more, over and over... We cannot perform at our highest under excitement or stress.

If you did good, make sure to take a break and rest.
And if you are going to enter/start new positions, do your planning before-hand because this is a long-term game.

I love you!

This is just the start of 2024.

Thank you for reading.

Bitcoin just hit a new All-Time High.
Prepare for the crash.

🅱️ The TOP Is In: March 2024 Bitcoin Turns Red ($250K In 2025)
Not so fast... 😳

👉 FETUSDT and Ethereum (ETHUSDT) hitting new highs after the shakeout.

👉 Other pairs, Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and the rest (SOL, ADA, DOGE, SHIB, etc.) still within lower high.


Too early to say.

I will track the chart and give you an update if anything changes but... It is most likely moving lower, this is just noise to liquidate more SHORTS.

Thank you for reading.
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Thanks a lot for the continued support.

I'll give you the signals:

➖ (1) The CME Futures PREMIUM is almost gone. Yesterday it went negative for the first time in a long while.

➖ (2) This is a bearish engulfing pattern.

➖ (3) The highest bearish volume on a daily session happened 5-March after Bitcoin hit a new All-Time High, since 9-November 2022.

These signals are pointing lower.


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