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OKX:ONEUSDT   Harmony/Tether
While the build-up, consolidation, accumulation and recovery phase can go for months, the crescendo and final jump can be over within a few days or a few weeks at max. I will explain why.

The reason why, is because this is still part of the initial wave, the relief rally, the "first wave," of the 2024 bull-market.

We are looking at Harmony (ONEUSDT) long-term.

It hasn't done much since July 2022. Yes, some up and some down but this is only the consolidation/accumulation phase at new lows. After this phase, 1.5 years of not much, we get a strong wave.

➖ This strong wave will lead to a correction.
➖ This correction will lead to a strong bull-market.
➖ This bull-market will end in a bull-run with new All-Time Highs.
➖ After the All-Time High we get a bear market followed by a new long-term consolidation phase.

Right now we have three green weeks; the three white soldiers candlestick pattern.
ONEUSDT is moving above EMA50 with a strong RSI.
Highest volume since early last year.

All these are strong bullish signals.

This is it!

Then comes the jump.
Either you sell and collect profits on the way up, or stay holding and wait 3 months down followed by 3 months up to reach the same high levels as before prices went down and 2 more months for major growth.

Greed will say, "It can go higher."
But if you sell and secure profits you are trading.
The "higher," yes, it will come but it can take between 3-6 months between each wave. Sometimes it can take 8, 9 and even 10 months between each bullish wave.... That's the reason why it is truly important to have a plan if you decide to trade.

If you want to hold long-term, that's easy and that's great but you still need an exit strategy because there is no point in not selling when the top is in.

Example, go back to 2021 and all those All-Time Highs.
If you don't sell when prices are up, then you have to wait the entire year 2022 going down (-95%).
Half of 2023 just to recover (+50%).
Maybe strong action in some of 2023 but not all pairs. Good but still below.
Only to get back into the green in 2024.

The correct scenario:
➖ Sell high, as in 2021.
➖ Buy low, as in 2022 and early 2023.
➖ Sell high as in early and then again late 2024 and 2025.
➖ Buy low as in 2026.
➖ Etc.

Something like this...

The real problem is that this information is normally acquired only through experience but if you are reading this, you have an advantage; what will you do?

Anyway, there will be so many opportunities, so many chances, that you can get it wrong a hundred times and still try again... Or you can focus and start winning right away.

I hope you find this information useful.

You can definitely achieve success.

There will be literally trillions of USD in the game... How much do you want to make?
How much will you make?

The only limits are set by your own mind.
You can definitely reach your goals.
You can absolutely achieve success.

If you don't know where to start, just repeat this affirmation: "Yes, I want money; I am open to receiving; I am successful; I love myself; I deserve the best!"

Thank you for reading.

EMA50 has been conquered as resistance.
Tested as support (lower wick this week) and holds.

ONEUSDT (Harmony) can easily grow strong.

Purple = new and higher targets.
Black = full potential from entry price to final target.

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