BRC20/Ordianals -Trac & Sats = Respectable Degeneracy?

fun punts on possible narrative. Ordinals are New, Interesting, and have very low capital attention.

BRC20 and Ordinals has All the best ingredients to capture value
Broader crypto market still needs to become more aware
infrastructure being built now to provide ways for capital to inflow.

Whehter Ordinals and bRC20 standard is sustainable..idk. and truthfully we don't care for now.

These are respectable degenerate punts

Sats and Trac have become the two largest token ecosystems where the devs, participants, and followers have created / are creating both usable product and communities.

Trac (indexer/dex ecosystem)
Sats (indexer/dex ecosystem)

2024 -2025 could see capital infolws to this space and I think these two tokens have a chance to benefit.

Early minters are already in profit but so small with no liquidity means many have to wait for this to get big for players to really start selling.

Fun stuff, different stuff....
Links for DYOR

bonus - they are also building on DogeCoin

can find socials from sites as well.
Ecosystems expanding for SATS and especially TRAC.

Trac could see another push toward 1B market cap.
Decisions will need to be made likley these next months will see a last gasp blow off top of ordinals for this part of the cycle. Will be around again maybe in a year

might be time to use the next inflow of liquidity rotate profits into other crypto areas that have not pumped.

Doginals will likely see large gains during this time as well. however short lived

when mainstream people start talking about $DOGI I will know it's almost over. lol

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