Reasonable $TRIAS EOY prediction

So looking at the chart you can easily identify 3 flags.

The 3 flags represent 3 scenarios of where the price could end up the the eoy of 2021

green being the best, red being the worse and yellow being moderate or the more than likely scenario.

The best case scenario for $Trias within Andrews' Pitchfork Model is that $Trias would need to end up in that blue upper channel and be in a price range of $150 -$300 by the eoy.

What is more than likely to happen by the end of the year is that it ends up in the median of this channel in the upper green area (where the yellow flag is)

and by the eoy it's sitting round a price of it's sitting around a price of $70 - $150.

The worse case scenario ( which is really unlikely imo) is that $trias is sitting around it's all-time high of just $36 bucks.

My personal belief is that with such a low circulating supply, and more people catching on to this hidden Gem.

That $Trias ends up somewhere in the Upper channels of the Andrew's Pitchfork Model.

So basically sitting somewhere between $100-$300...maybe even more by the eoy.

$Trias is definitely one i will be accumulating more of, and definitely one of my long-term holds!