TRST up to 150 %

We have got information that the team of TRUST is working on a new product which will push the price really high - minimal is 50 %. It is because of the volume . The volume is really low and we can see whales coming in. The message from them is following:

The team is currently working on a new risk-sharing product. It's been described as insurance-like, before. The team is very much hard at work and they're about to publish a new roadmap with new information. It should be out in a week or two.

WeTrust aims to provide decentralized financial services and create a more inclusive financial system which allows anyone to access fair, equitable financial services without an expensive trusted third party.

Again, this coin has cycles which always repeat. This is an easy trade where you can get 100 % just like that.

0.000037 - 0.000038

1. 0.000041
2. 0.000044
3. 0.000047
4. 0.000050
5. 0.000053

6. 0.000060
7. 0.000080

Thank you for watching us.

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Comment: The trend line was broken. This is one of the coins that has not hyped yet. We will have to wait a bit longer! The team is working hard and from the FA it looks very good and now is the time to buy a big bag of it!