TSCO Stock is it the SKY or the CRUSH?

Hello Guys,
At times bad with crypto, I try to look into other markets and see if there is any opportunity for use because all we need for profit, is volatility . Now we have the TSCO stock on the chart and what we see is long bear market going on. Now, NASDAQ, APPL and most of the other big companies had a fall in their price recently and as for the past times everyone has been talking about the next big crash coming some of us started to think this was the first hit of the big bear market which will cause the crash. But the problem with TSCO is that it started falling and its bear market way before the hit took NASDAQ, APPL and other companies. So, IMO if there will be another hit on the stocks globally than we can see TSCO price crashing its support area of 170-200 and testing lower areas. So all we have to do now is sit and wait to see which scenarios plays out? Is it the SKY, meaning there will be no next big hit and this was retracement continued by the bulls and we will see TSCO reversing, or is it the CRASH? T
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