Tesla $TSLA - $600+ target

Tesla has been one of the most controversial stocks over the last few years. In 2018 $tsla was the most shorted stock in the entire market. If we look at the technicals we can see that Tesla has been respecting a trend line dating back to early 2016, has been tested 3 times since, and has not closed below on a weekly level. This week will be very interesting, but I am 100% expecting a bounce to close out the week.

We can also see that an ascending triangle is also in play, with a $615 target pending a break of $385. Don't listen to the media. BTFD!

I heard it is going up to $3450 :)
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CoinMafia gvoommen
@gvoommen, $3460 - dream a little ;)
gvoommen CoinMafia
@CoinMafia, at-least I tried LOL :)
There might be a bounce to scalp here but there are way better opportunities to go long in this market then buying into this overpriced concept. Sure the tech is great but no one can afford it yet and they've got too many money problems. You must be on that 20 year plan? It's one of the most shorted stocks because the value is completely ridiculous and people love to pump and dump on any piece of tesla news they can get. I'll wait and see if the slowKD's cross tomorrow on the oversold and maybe scalp a call. Your information is way too light for this kind of claim. Especially given we are sitting in a massively overbought market.
CoinMafia eatinc00kiez
@eatinc00kiez, overpriced based on what? look around - Tesla is hottest brand in the entire auto industry, and their core competency is their battery and autonomous driving tech. my target is based on technicals. 20 year plan? try within 5 years... to each is own
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eatinc00kiez CoinMafia
@CoinMafia, as I mentioned previously the tech is great, but not one can afford their cars yet, and they don't make any money. I'm not a fan of expensive stocks that don't have any ground to stand on. NIO is a way better buy if you want to own future auto maker stocks - way more upside, far less downside. I don't see why people would buy a TSLA lottery ticket with at best a 2:1 pay out. Elon headed back to the bank this morning for more money. I'll pin this post and we will check in 5 years from now. Good luck, YoYo stock.
MrMarketMaker eatinc00kiez
@eatinc00kiez, They don't make any money? They just had two profitable quarters in a row. You are going to compare a Chinese meme stock to a great company like TSLA? That is laughable.

I wish people that didn't understand financials would stay away from this website.

TSLA is going to take over the auto industry, by 2040 we will have 60-80% EV, and I'm willing to put money that over 50% of those will be TSLA. GM, Ford, are all in for a rude awakening.
eatinc00kiez MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, @coinmafia Now now, let's not go out on an anger limb and start up with the soaring generalizations about financial qualifications. The two of you are talking about being long into 2040 - GREAT! More power to you. I guess you've got plenty of money and plenty of time to wait around. I hope $TSLA does take over the automobile industry - I'm a huge fan of the company. But as of now, their cars aren't even that good and no one can afford them which means it's going to be a while before we realize any profits beyond the quick pump and dumps. Read the consumer reports article that just came out today. They've got a long way to go before they are real contenders in the game. And NIO isn't a meme, maybe it is to people who see it as a threat to TSLA, but frankly it's the same tech being built to cater to billions of people instead of thousands. I won't be surprised when NIO is trading over $100 a share within the next 7 years.

Maybe y'all should post all your thoughts for 2040? Or at least indicate some timelines if you're going to just blindly tell people to jump into this type of stock in this type of market? I'm just saying that be all practical financial measurements, this is not a good investment at this time imho, especially in a market like this where we are approaching a 32 trillion dollar market cap with US GDP totally flat, volume falling, etc. I mean the title of this post is LONG to $600 with no timeline or anything it's just an opinion article. And everyone can go ahead and not listen to the media hell don't listen to anyone if you ask me make your own decisions. But if ever there was a YoYo stock this is it. Best of luck.
MrMarketMaker eatinc00kiez
@eatinc00kiez, Seems like we agree to disagree, but I am a bit concerned about your viewpoint.

I'm more of a person who bases my investment decisions on foundations of the company. Financials, logical thinking, etc. On top of that, are you aware of the percentage of people shorting tesla using the same non-sensical argument you just provided? You think the herd is going to be correct in a market that always works against the herd?

"Their cars aren't even that good", what are you basing this off of? That sounds like an opinion. Also, If nobody can afford them, why do they currently control ~ 80% of the full EV market? Are you aware that the only other fully electric vehicle out there is the NISSAN Leaf, which can only get you about ~90 miles a charge? Do you know how many miles you can get on a tesla?

I think TSLA will break 400 this year after they crush their next earnings report. Their pickup of the super-capacitor company was also an excellent acquisition. I ask you to imagine the possibilities, if you are capable of understanding them.

Good luck to you and your NIO, I'm willing to bet NIO won't ever break $100. I'm not into penny stocks though, so I won't be touching it.
eatinc00kiez MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, I really think you're missing my points here. I just provided you with financials and logical thinking, which you're now spinning into some other deal that frankly seems pretty emotional and you're still trying to personally attack my educated position.

Here's a good read for you:

I told you I'm a fan of the company. But 2 quarters of "profitability" isn't even close to being out of the billion dollar hole, and meanwhile elon goes to the bank for more money just today. Check out this article that analyzes tesla's current value.

They control 80% of the EV market - great - how many people are in that market again? Last I checked it was under 1% of all drivers. That gives them huge upside to grow, and I hope they do. It will solve a global crisis. I just don't think it's sensical to think this stock is a good buy at this time. It's all hyped up with this grand assumption that it's all going to work out just fine. That's a dangerous market to trade in, don't you think? I mean are you out there making this same case for companies like $W or $INTU or $BA? I'd rather have some stability and confirmation before I jump into these types of investments. That's all I'm saying, lol.

To be completely transparent, I'm an options trader, and I don't spend too much time looking for long hold stocks. All tsla has been (for me) is a great chance to derivative to scalp back and forth, short and long, every time the Sto's cross and the macd looks good, which is basically 270 - 330 until further notice. And I don't own any NIO or TSLA. No hard feelings man... sheesh
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