Updated Elliott Wave Guess for Tesla Motors

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My last Elliott Wave guess for Tesla             was two years ago and published here at TradingView.
Tesla Motors - TSLA - Weekly - Elliott Wave (Guess)

It was a brave effort to forecast far into the future and was bearish at the time, looking for a drop to 193. See the link below for reference.

The updates relate to going back to 2006 as the top of wave 1 since that was when the Roadster was sold. The Model-S in 2012 kicked off the next wave of advance. Tesla             is going through a lot of growing pains and digesting a lot of difficult news:

The latest action down is the result of a perfect storm of bad news:
1. Tesla             and SolarCity             attempting to merge, putting two cash-flow losing companies together increases financial needs and pressures equity holders who either get diluted with new shares or the prospect of much worse - of not getting capital to fund development.
2. Accidents with the self-driving software by drivers who have violated the law and taken their eyes off of the road. This has pushed the attention away from the technology and focused on the negative side of Tesla's business.
3. GM's Bolt is widely discussed as a competitor with its 200 mile range. Plenty of other manufacturers are lining up to compete. This is what Elon Musk             wanted to drive adoption of EV             as an alternative to internal combustion engines (ICE).
4. Musk's Space-X had an explosion, unexplained, of a valuable rocket with valuable payload of $200 million of Facebook's Zuckerberg's satellite on board. Since Musk funds Space-X and Tesla             and SolarCity             , the setback hurts perception that Elon             will have trouble raising funding.
5. Gigafactory development and production concerns are omnipresent: Is gigafactory the right answer with the right technology? Is there a better battery technology than Lithium Ion? Can gigafactory cut the price enough to make a difference and cut prices enough?
6. Model-X production problems and a softening of car sales, together with soft economic activity in Europe and America has investors wondering if there is enough demand for Tesla's to maintain production.
7. Activist short-seller investor Jim Chanos openly derided Tesla's prospects for profitability in a recent report. He is widely respected and called for the collapse of Enron, a famous overleveraged utility company in Texas that crashed and burned and crushed the faith of investors worldwide. The issue there was fraud and clever accounting tricks to hide risk and assets and therefore leverage in offshore partnerships.
8. Google's, Apple's and now Uber's competition. Uber started up a self-driving car in Pittsburgh, but manned by a backup driver and assistant.

For a thorough overview of Elliott Wave and NEoWave which is displayed here, consider reviewing Glenn Neely's treatise on the subject called "Mastering Elliott Wave" published back in 1988 and still for sale. I was his student and helped edit the book.

Another major disclosure: I bought a Tesla             last week from a previous owner, so now I am officially biased. Used Tesla's have fallen dramatically in price and now seem cheap by comparison to other cars. Check online auto sales site to confirm, but the Model-S 60 has fallen dramatically this summer after the release of the Model-S 100D and its incredible range over 300 miles. The future is now. Climb on board.

Good fortune to you,


September 16, 2016 2:14PM EST

Warning: Theoretical price action is included on this chart. I derived price action from pre-2006, the end of the first IMPULSIVE rally I'm labeling wave (1). Wave (2) is a long, protracted sideways drift higher the culminates with the release of the Model-S. Since then we had a big advance and then are in another wave-2 as all of the issues get worked out and Model-3 for mass production launches the next advance in TSLA             shares. Possible 6-fold advance from here starting as early as mid-2017.
Comment: Elon Musk's Solar Roof & Tesla Battery anouncement from last week on the 28th seemed to be lost in the media frenzy over the election, FBI announcements, Anthony Weiner's 600,000+ emails that potentially incriminate HRC: Either way, I need to add "Solar City acquisition" on this chart and "Solar Roof" starting next year when they will be available. If they are easy to install and if they try to overcharge for them since it is so unique and special they likely will, but sales there could surge. Given the timing of the last advance from a market cap of $3 billion to a lofty $30 billion long after sales of Model-S gained strong traction, it may take awhile for the Model-3, Home Battery and Solar Tile products to gain traction. These combined could lift Tesla to the $50-$60 billion market cap level, which is almost a double from current levels. The bulls who want this rally to happen overnight will be disappointed and the bears that want Tesla to melt-down to $10 billion or less valuation will likely be frustrated too. The opportunity to own Tesla at a $20 billion valuation would provide a triple to get up to the $60 billion valuation I am forecasting for the 2017-2018 time frame, so do view any drop in price with the $60 billion likely valuation and compare the risk/reward.

TSLA is currently sitting at $200 on October 31, 2016.

Possible Execution strategy: If you set a buy limit at $150 and $160 per share now and also purchase $140 strike and $150 strike puts going out 1 year, then you will have very low risk if you get filled on your buy limit order.

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Comment: Still hovering as anticipation builds for Model 3 and as competition builds dramatically. Gas prices remain low and for those who believe that high gas prices are needed for $TSLA to rise in price, that will be a reason why short sellers will remain brave and bulls will be shy to step up and buy.

For now there are 40% of the available shares (the "float") sold short and $TSLA represents probably one of the riskiest squeeze stocks in the market.

It would be easy to move TSLA shares up 10% to 20% on just the vacuum of low-liquidity in the market, coupled with small amounts of new cash buying.

If you own shares of TSLA in a margin account, and if you want TSLA shares to go up in the near term, move those shares over to your cash account so they can't be lent out to short sellers. Just moving your shares over to "cash" from "margin" is the equivalent of buying those shares in the open market.

Cheers to TSLA for amazing products and a great vision for the future. I can't wait to get a TSLA roof next year.

Cheers! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Happy New Year!

Tim 12:32PM EST 12/23/2016
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Does this mean that the original Sep2016 guess is actually playing out?
@timwest Look how it went from the bottom up. We are on track?
+1 Reply
@2use, So far, so good. On track.
+1 Reply
i like ur comment to move shares to cash from margin ,
that should help any squeeze
@G13Man, I only have a IB margin account... do you need to create a new account to move it ?
G13Man PerpetualLearner
@PerpetualLearner, call ur broker and let them know u do not want ur shares " lent " , that ur shares are not allowed to be used for shorting !
timwest PRO PerpetualLearner
@PerpetualLearner, You have to move the shares to your cash account. IB, and most brokers, make a fortune from lending shares at zero risk to short sellers. If you have a margin account, you also have a cash account. Good luck.
@timwest, thanks for the suggestion..
@G13Man, Thanks. If more of us used this technique of moving shares to a "cash account" it could help for sure.
Keep in mind that Volkswagen is being forced to spend billions on putting in new charging stations in the US. As the Volkswagen penalty gets implemented, we will be able to confirm how the billions in penalty funds begins to change the mentality of the next wave of electric car buyers since it will soothe "range anxiety" concerns. It would make sense that insurance costs should be lower for electric cars by Tesla since the car is safer and therefore less likely to lead to physical harm. Perhaps there is an opportunity for Tesla to start its own insurance company since it has access to the data about how the driver interacts with the world, the road and other cars. The next generation of cars might just include insurance as part of the sticker price. Just tossing out an idea here. Imagine a million insurance clients in a number of years and then it might be a nice profit center to the tune of $1 billion or more per year ($1000 in profit per user). Toss in a 10x multiple on that $1 billion in earnings and you have another $10 billion in market cap to add to the Tesla valuation. I would imagine Elon sees this as likely.
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