Tesla Update: A Hidden Message

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NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc.
As I have stated I believe Tesla isn't yet done with the wave ((2)). Also, last post I mentioned I believe we are sub-dividing even more in this ((B)) wave. This is due to signals the MACD is sending to us. When one knows how to use it appropriately, the MACD will tell you all kinds of secrets. If I am correct, the next high we make will be for (A) wave and we will then head down in a 3-wave fashion to the $160-$170 range for (B). Once we carve out this next (B) wave, we will head up in (C) of ((B)).

We have already made another high on neg. div., however, it appears structurally to need another high on the 1HR time frame. The smaller time frames such as the 15min appear to be structurally complete though so one must be careful. I think it is a small possibility, but we could technically be done with this move up already and start heading down. Always remember, no matter how small the possibility, you must always take each and every one into account with a plan ready in case the count comes to fruition.

The NASDAQ is severely overextended and could drop at any time. It hit over the 2.0 fib line by $0.25cents and turned around. This tells me it will most likely poke slightly higher above that fib line and then head down for its next A wave. This may be counter to most people's thoughts due to the recent rally and probable debt limit agreement congress just made. But A waves typically surprise people and cause panic, which creates/causes the strongest move on the MACD.

Point being, no matter how I look at the NASDAQ just as when I look at Tesla, they're both running out of steam. Tesla has OMH and then that's most likely all she wrote for this current move up. Look at how high the MACD went and still is after that big move we just had, and people think there is still room to jump 30+ points next trading session alone...smdh. Anything is possible I guess...

I think over the next day or two is when Tesla finishes this (A) wave, and according to the arrows I have marked, should head to the $180ish range next. This will be around a $20 or 10% drop from the next high we make. I understand, lol, again, I know many people are very bullish on Tesla, and that's ok. I don't control price; I just state my predictions and what I read in the charts. Right now, these charts are telling me we are about to top and head lower. What you see forming is a trap and I guarantee it is going to catch many poeple.

Bonam Fortunam,
We have our OMH on negm div. Let's see what happens next. It will either extend higher or start our retrace towards our next target box
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Did y'all get the hidden message?
Always great when you have someone who doesn't know what they're talking about try to critique your analysis. Especially when they turn out to be wrong. Just helps amplify my posts with all the comments. Thanks bud!

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