TVK continuation trade is in play!

TVK is an NFT play that has shown incredible volume off the recent lows and is now consolidating after a strong first leg.

The "Bot" long setup fired on TVK overnight. Harmonic AB=CD continuation trade.

The entry on this setup is technically 614 Sats . Any dips below that are above the 499 invalidation level are fair game.

Will look to lower trendline pennant to add.

The rules for this setup, looking at the fib on the right
- If price reaches .5 (blue) = Move SL to break even
- If price reaches .66 (aqua) move SL to trailing
- Final TP objective 1 (Green) = Close entire position (~945 sats )

There is another objective above that is beyond the scope of this setup, but may provide traders with an extended target if they wish to only close 50% at 945 sats and use trailing TP up to the 1241 sat Chaos PRZ/.5 HTF retrace

The decision will rest on what the broader market/ volume indicate if and when the 945 sat target is reached

If price trades below 500 sats at any time.. This setup is invalidated!