WTI & BRENT: Santa was very nice to us this year! (MOVE ↑ of $2)

TVC:UKOIL   CFDs on Brent Crude Oil
My name is Francois Normandeau.

Here is a quick recap of today's trade on West Texas intermediate on the left and Brent oil
on the right we can see that we had an entry here on the short term momentum indicator .

The close of the trade is when either one of those two indicators leave the by zone.
So this happen here at 12:23 p.m.
And price was 4828. So in the end this one from 46:29. To 4828

This main trade lasted about 10 hours and a half.
A move up of about $2 on us oil and $1.85 on Brent… a substantial move.

We can see here move confirm on this modified ADX indicator here.
One move, one leg, consolidation, second move, the second leg, so we can see this here this up move is here
and then a consolidation and then a second up move, which is this one here and we see the same thing on Brandt on the other side.

We have the signal for an entry on the short term momentum indicator here and a second signal for an entry on this midterm momentum indicator here and the signal for the close here when we see one of those two indicators leave the buy zone
This would have been I've been the close of the trade and the same logic applies to Brent for the entry for a trade here.
A second signal can be seen here and the signal for the end of the trade here, confirmed.

So quick recap on a very interesting trading day today.

My name is Francois Normandeau and I will post more information on our website ADX-BRIEFING.
Take care and have a good week.
Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

Francois Normandeau
Institutional Research Director for ADX-BRIEFING