UNFI/USDT Long Position

We've been sitting a relatively long term downtrend forming lower highs on UNFI .
I'm sure we're going to break to the upside in the near future and hopefully form a reversal of the downtrend and create some new higher highs.
There is a lot of good news coming towards the end of June for UNFI . We've finally come down to support of the descending triangle which inevitably is
a bearish formation, but I do not see us breaking downwards. If we do break downwards we have a nice line of support just underneath us also.
I've laddered my long positions in from where we are currently sitting, to the support just below where we are now. I'll also have sells set at the top of the downtrend
resistance line, but also keeping a bag in case we finally break through it.
Trade safe friends.
Trade active: We're already 25% from our buys being hit down on support, feel free to take profit whenever