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Yes, I'm crazy enough predicting the crash !!

The COVID Crash of March 2020 (Source: corporate finance institute)
The market collapse in March 2020 was caused by the government’s reaction to the Novel COVID-19 outbreak, a rapidly spreading coronavirus around the world. The pandemic impacted many sectors worldwide, including healthcare, natural gas , food, and software. The unemployment rate skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2020.

Currently, my chart says something big will happens; what event? I don't know, but the chart shows that the market crash will potentially occur and starting in June - July 2021.
If the price rejects the upper line, I reckon it will fall deep to the Fibonacci retracement 38.20%, 50%, and maybe 61.80%.

- This analysis fails if the price breakout and close above the upper line
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But why would it crash? that is the question, It cannot just crash bc of technical analysis
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@Blasik, Most of the time, the chart can predict future events. For instance Biden v Trump, my chart shows that Biden has to win the election.
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Blasik GoldCartel
@GoldCartel, That is non sense. No one can predict the future..
@Blasik, the number can predice , this is why god speak with number
@Blasik the chart technical analysis can predict the future than can going more up what resistance have and can't going more down that support mayor is it ...
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I have sold wall street and I am short in some banks since when they were at the top, what michael burry has then is quite stable a bigger crash than 2008 may come,
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GoldCartel erikdobra
@erikdobra, it's gonna be a great trade if it happens
I think you are leaving out the effect that the global market has on your chart. It can actually keep going up even exponentially because as the economy grows stronger during the pandemic, more international trade occurs which bolsters that growth and prevents a crash from occurring. The technical analysis you're performing works best to determine over/under valuation that is based on the reality of the underlying market. If you're assuming we are the only players in this market, then yes, we are overdue for a crash and we should be operating at a level closer to what it was during Covid. However, there are countless economic forces around the world preventing exactly that from happening. Technical analysis must align with fundamental analysis. Hopefully this clears up some confusion.
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GoldCartel AndrewDavisIV
@AndrewDavisIV I appreciated your comment, but nothing to lose. If the price rejects, it will fall to 38.20; if breakout, there's always SL. Nice risk-reward ratio. Why not.
Some people say the same thing when I am shorting Tesla.

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