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This seems like a great place to buy DOW. I think the current sell offs are temporary, and that we will arrive at 35k+ in the coming weeks.
Comment: It looks good. We might move stop to break even, if the strength continues. I will update when I do something
Comment: Move stop to break even
Comment: you could consider taking profits on 25% of the position. I am holding it all


if you do the calculations you will realize that we are in an economic crisis that will be greater than 2008.Take a look at home many homes are 30 to 90 days in forbearance. . After Biden is done giving free passes to home owners and renters. Everyone will be upside down in there over priced home... they’ll owe more than it’s worth in a year. Maybe even 2023. It will be massive tho..
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Adamsb UnknownUnicorn23316855
@UnknownUnicorn23316855, thanks for the comment. I don´t agree with you at all. It is true, that based on the numbers within the crisis, it did act like a shock to the economy, which was even worse than 2008 in some parameters. However, we are beyond that now. Growth is here (real growth, and not just nominal), innovation is at its peak, and yes we have seen rising prices basically everywhere, but rising home prices only benefits the economy as long as the individuals owning the homes does not take too much debt in their mortgage. The only thing that, in my eyes, can end up slowing the economy is inflation, because of potential interest rate hikes. That would however, not affect DOW too much, since the companies within dow in some sense benefits from rising interest rates.
@Adamsb, hope so you know we are in gap -1000 points where open market tomorrow ...

Adamsb erikdobra
@erikdobra, not....
totally agree
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