Commodity Markets can be Strengthened !

AMEX:USCI   United States Commodity Index Fund ETV
I expect an increase in the USCI (US Commodity Index Fund) Index.
This could be a forerunner of the rise of commodity-based Stocks and Commodities .

It would be more accurate to turn to single commodities and stocks rather than this fund.

We'il talk about going from general to private later.
Nevertheless, let's write down the parameters that make this idea less risky:

  • Position Size : Small amount of Portfolio
  • Risk/Reward Ratio : 1/2.4
  • Stop-Loss : 35.48
  • Goal : 38.78

Recent status on my Commodity-related Terminals (Duration : Autonomous LSTM Adaptive Period):

-General :

-Futures :

Recent status Commodity-related Terminals ( Duration : 14 weeks ) :

- General :

- Futures :

Trade closed: stop reached
Comment: Commodities have not settled yet.
Let the markets get on the track a bit more, let's get through these red areas, very good analysis will then give the opportunity.
For these, we must look USDJPY,XAUXAG,XAUUSD,XAGUSD, AUDUSD again.

Palladium grand rally, the highest positions in the giant gold that does not close, reduces the demand for other commodities.
In anticipation of electric vehicles, lithium started rally.
Iron ore gave the opportunity in advance.
But we need a total industrial metal rally.
That's when the world is going well, the dollar is getting cheaper, and we can say that money is entering the stock markets.
We will see the first phrases in this pair, I will be following !
Comment: This week , next week or another week .
We cant know the dip but this fund left us nice gap !
We can catch a nice trade area.
I' ll share my idea if i see something , regards.


Greetings Noldo, thanks for the thumbs up, is there a way to remake my chart on the relationship between usd/jyp to the the price of gld using your expertise in charting ?? P.S> i just took a position in usci 5k reviewed the charts and found it to be a good buy no stop losses me being a swing trader no need thx. (-: Megalo >
@MEGALO1, hey buddy , i think downtrend on USDJPY and Gold but not now , you can see on terminals Japanese Yen considered cheap and cot positions are good , normally i prefer to share later but i will look the chart for you and share if i see something , regards and thanks for your comment !
@Noldo, 10-4 appreciated (-: Megalo >
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