USDCHF Watch top for sell

OANDA:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
Hi there,

USDCHF is pushing up slowly. We are expecting big fall on the USDCHF .

How you can trade on this chart.

1. Watch lower time frame correction breakout and look for sell. There is correction on lower time frame.


2. Watch for the price to test the top again and look for sell.

Good Luck.
I have more respect for tntsunrise because he trades with transparency. He calls out zones instead of generalities. "Watch Top for Sell" is not trading. Of course it will eventually sell off when it gets to a price nobody else will pay. tntsunrise puts his money where his mouth is. I don't mean to be harsh, but what you do Wavetrader is guess work. Does anyone ever say how often your trades go the wrong way?
Of course we are expecting a big fall. Anywhere from the top and in time (or vice versa.) Your Wave predictions are very general, has anyone else noticed that. You hardly put a stop in place so you are not putting your money where your mouth is. Maybe people should follow me?? My RSI says overbought, so let me predict at sometime she is going to go down.
USDCHF H4 C Wave Up. Checkout the idea detail's and update's for the complete picture!
Trump spoke yesterday abuut a big shit, so your anticipating wave will fail soon, Nostradamus.
nice idea. Thanks.