US Dollar under potential threat as de-dollarization sets in.

FX:USDOLLAR   Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index
In this screencast, I'm looking ahead for potential moves, possibly south in the US-Dollar . This is about preparedness.

In the video I explore emerging geopolitical and macroeconomic issues that are taking place.

The US-Dollar strength has big influence at this time on:
1. Commodities
2. Metals - especially Gold and Silver
3. Oil
4. Stock markets in the US and elsewhere.
5. US-Dollar currency pairs.
- and more. This thing is big!

There is reliable information about a silent forex war happening largely unseen as China, Russia and Japan are giving up US debt, and moving into Gold and Crytocurrencies. I don't do predictions, so I'm unable to say what this would mean for the future.

Do not take my word for it - check out this stuff on reliable information channels (unable to give further information here - but PM me if you wish).

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