A trading strategy is needed to stabilize the psychological stat

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== A trading strategy is needed to stabilize the psychological state. ==

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(USDT chart)
A very long upper tail was created on November 8th.

Then, the gap continues to rise.

I believe that this continuous gap increase means that funds are continuously flowing into the coin market.

Accordingly, I believe that if the current inflow of funds is concentrated towards BTC and the price is defended, this will eventually lead to an upward trend in BTC.

(USDC chart)
The key is whether the gap can rise above 24.98B.

I believe that USDC has less influence on the coin market than USDT.

The reason is that the USDC market is not active.

Therefore, if funds flowed into the coin market through USDC, I think there is a high possibility that they will be exchanged for USDT.

Otherwise, I think BTC will most likely be used for trading.


(BTC.D chart)
In any case, funds are flowing into the coin market through USDT or USDC.

In these situations, we need to check BTC dominance to see where our real money is being spent.

For the coin market to show a full-fledged upward trend, it is expected that BTC dominance rises above 61 and then begins to decline.

Therefore, rising BTC dominance means that funds are being concentrated towards BTC.

It is unknown whether funds concentrated in this way toward BTC will cause the price of BTC to rise or fall.

Therefore, when BTC dominance rises, altcoins are likely to gradually sideways or decline.

(USDT.D chart)
A falling USDT dominance means that funds are being used in the coin market.

Accordingly, the coin market is likely to show an upward trend.

Currently, funds are continuously flowing in, but BTC dominance and USDT dominance are showing sideways movements.

If sideways moves like this, individual investors are more likely to feel unbearable anxiety, so they will naturally sell their coins (tokens) in installments.

To encourage this further, circular pumping of altcoins occurs.

Accordingly, BTC will move very slowly, and altcoins are likely to become more active.

However, if you look at the movements of BTC dominance and USDT dominance, you can see that the fluctuation range is not large.

You can see that trading is not that active.

Individual investors are accustomed to waiting.

However, because they are psychologically unstable, they just give up waiting, but they are used to waiting.

However, investment companies, institutions, and whales are not accustomed to waiting.

However, I think they just seem accustomed to waiting because it has the power to shake the psychology of individual investors.

For a bull market to start this year, I believe BTC dominance must fall below 50 and USDT dominance must fall below 5.89 and remain there.

Therefore, I think that the way to relieve one's psychological anxiety is to increase the number of coins (tokens) corresponding to profits while controlling the proportion of coins (tokens) held until then.

This is because individual investors are highly likely to make wrong choices if their psychological state becomes unstable, no matter how profitable they are.

This is because I believe that if you can stabilize your psychological state even if you earn less profit, you will eventually be able to close the transaction successfully.


- The big picture
The full-fledged upward trend is expected to begin when the price rises above 29K.

This is the section expected to be touched in the next bull market, 81K-95K.

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(The key is whether the four-year cycle pattern can be continued)

(4년 주기 패턴을 이어질 수 있는지가 관건)

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