USDT : Breaking away from the downtrend by increasing the gap

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(USDT chart)

(1D chart)
It appears that the gap decline that started on January 19th has stopped and a larger gap rise has occurred.

Due to this gap increase, the reported price (ATH) was renewed again.


(USDC chart)
It is still on the rise.

The key is whether USDC can continue its gap upward trend above 26.525B.

I believe that the gap between USDT and USDC shows the inflow and outflow of funds into the coin market.

Therefore, the gap rise can be interpreted as funds flowing into the coin market.

Since the movements of USDT or USDC through transactions are expressed as candles, I think the occurrence of gaps should be distinguished.


(BTC.D chart)
You need to check in which direction it deviates from the 51.17-51.98 section.


(USDT.D chart)

(1D chart)
USDT dominance is entering a period of volatility from January 22-27.

Accordingly, after the volatility period has passed, you need to check which direction it deviates based on the 5.89-6.39 range.

When a gap rises in USDT, a gap rise in USDT dominance also occurs.

Accordingly, USDT or USDT dominance is likely to show an upward trend.

However, USDT dominance can be seen decreasing through trading.

A decline in USDT dominance means that buying power has increased through many transactions in the USDT market.

Therefore, if USDT dominance falls, the coin market is likely to show an upward trend.

Even though USDT is renewing its new high (ATH), USDT dominance overall is showing a downward trend.

In order for this downward trend to turn into an upward trend, it is expected that it will have to rise above 7.14.

The most important question is whether the coin market becomes more active and more transactions occur, leading to a continued downward trend in USDT dominance.

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- The big picture
The full-fledged upward trend is expected to begin when the price rises above 29K.

This is the section expected to be touched in the next bull market, 81K-95K.

1st: 44234.54
2nd: 61383.23
3rd: 89126.41
101875.70-106275.10 (when overshooting)
4th: 13401.28
151166.97-157451.83 (when overshooting)
5th: 178910.15

These are points that are likely to encounter resistance in the future.
We need to see if we can break through these points upward.

Since it is thought that a new trend can be created in the overshooting area, you should check the movement when this area is touched.

If the general upward trend continues until 2025, it is expected to rise to around 57014.33 and then create a pull back pattern.
1st: 43833.05
2nd: 32992.55

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** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Trading volume is displayed as a candle body based on 10EMA.
How to display (in order from darkest to darkest)
More than 3 times the trading volume of 10EMA > 2.5 times > 2.0 times > 1.25 times > Trading volume below 10EMA

** Even if you know other people’s know-how, it takes a considerable amount of time to make it your own.

** This chart was created using my know-how.

There is a flow of funds that is believed to be playing a trick on individual traders.

It appears that there is an attempt to lower the price by spreading the word that a specific investment institution is selling through several articles.

However, each time, funds are shown flowing into the coin market.

I believe that USDC, which has been in a downward trend since July 2022, is showing movement to stop the decline and turn to an upward trend.

If it rises above 26.525B, it is expected to enter the starting line to turn into an upward trend.

It is important that the candle size of USDT or USDC is small and that the gap increase continues to occur.

A candle expresses the movement of USDT or USDC through trading, and the occurrence of a gap indicates the inflow or outflow of funds into the coin market.
Among the coins that are expanding the coin ecosystem, these are the coins whose StochRSI indicator rose from the oversold range.

The HA-High indicator is expected to be created at point 6.17.

Accordingly, it is necessary to check whether the price can meet resistance near the HA-High indicator and fall below the HA-Low indicator (5.75).

A decline in USDT dominance is likely to result in a rise in the coin market.
USDC's gap rises again, confirming that funds are continuously flowing into the coin market.

If the gap upward trend continues above 26.525B, it is expected that fund inflow through USDC will become significantly stronger, leading the upward trend of the coin market.
USDC gap rose and approached 26.153B.

I don't know whether the upcoming BTC halving will trend with the launch of the spot ETF, but I think there is a movement to take new leadership in the coin market.

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