$UUUU & *Completed* Wyckoff Accumulation

AMEX:UUUU   Energy Fuels Inc
Those of you who know me know I **LOVE** finding completed Wyckoff Accumulations. Today is a good day, because we found another one.

Introducing $UUUU. This stock has recently completed ~6 years of accumulation and appears to be in the early stages of markup. If you go through my related ideas of some other assets that have had similar setups, observe how those patterns ended up playing out. And bonus points here with how LONG (how much TIME) has gone into this pattern. This isn't like the 1 or 2 month patterns that crypto TA loves to go all-in with... this is ~6 years worth of effort to bring us to the start of what appears to be a major run.

Note: Don't get too caught up in FOMO - with a 6 year floor, I'd estimate it will be a year or two for the stock to hit it's ultimate top. Of course, the market is going to do whatever it wants and not ask our permission. If it pulls a GME and insta-moons with all of WSB, then the top will be found much, much sooner than a couple years (imo/ nfa ).

Link to schematic for review