Undervalued and Extremely Bullish Stock

Hey guys, I'm back to report on this new stock that I found and I'm loving it right now.

The name of the company is Vale, they're steel manufacturers. This company has had fantastic earnings growth and is still undervalued with only a 5 ev /ebitda still!

Their stock got beat down all the way to $2 a share but they have made an amazing comeback, obtaining around 600% in two years. All the indicators point towards bullish with a nice little profit target of around $17 a share (Range of 16.50-17.50). This target obviously depends on earnings coming out soon and although I can't give a specific time frame, I know that a 20% minimum target really helps improve my likelihood of investing in it.

It's important to use more than technical analysis when investing. Although I love to use technical analysis , I don't just look at any stock and hope that it works out. Using technical analysis EXCLUSIVELY is like a pitcher who only throws a fastball; doesn't matter how good it is, eventually, some batter is gonna come up and bite you in the ass with a homer. Value investing is a fantastic tool and technical analysis helps make sure that you don't invest too early when value investing (Which I think is the biggest flaw of just using value investing)! So I absolutely recommend you guys broaden your repertoire to help increase confirmation of stock setups!

I think this company is set up for some good things here, but don't invest before earnings in 8 days. Way too risky of a move.

Any questions? Leave a comment down below.
Comment: Just to keep y'all in the loop, needs to get past all these points:

Comment: Seems to have paid off so far, but be careful of those marked VWAPS!