VET/BTC Expanding Triangle Clamping the price before the impulse

BINANCE:VETBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
Local trend. Time frame 1 day. Expanding triangle.

Coinmarketcap: VeChain

Price squeeze during “market doubt”.
A zone of price squeezing in a narrow range at the moment of uncertainty (doubt) of the market in general.

Clamped by large orders in the required buy/sell range on liquid exchanges. The range is spammed with orders, basically a bot is triggered to make the trades visible and to “protect” the large orders (so as not to “grizzly”, but if they gnaw—"go down steam"). Small exchanges themselves will “pull up” in price over time.

It works the same way (first of all) in pairs also to dollar, but the step is bigger (it is more difficult to hold a range). In pairs to bitcoin , it's easier to do due to smaller % of step (crypto price). The lower the price in satoshi, the more effective step clamping (range holding) is done.

Unfortunately, here on the site it is impossible to show the order stack, it would be more obvious, the chart is a consequence, not the root cause.

The meaning of the action—before a strong impulse up/down price movement, does not matter. You, unlike hamsters (those who are constantly losing money) cannot know exactly in which direction the market will locally go. The impulse (exit) is made under the general market trend (direction of movement). There are exceptions, but it is more about low liquid altcoins during the so-called “market window” (it is now). It helps a lot to move the price impulsively at such moments (decoupling):

1) stops (“market fuel”)
2) scalpers of course
3) oppositely tuned (in most cases, but not always) crowd (the main market participants) at the moment, that is the cloned behavior of people.

This is what the expanding triangle area looks like on a line chart.

This is what this "price squeeze" looks like locally.

On a linear to understand the without the "market noise".

The graph is a consequence of the sense of action in the glass.

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