#VeChain False Breakout to the Upside and 150% Gain

and opportunity to get involved with a Possible level of support Target to accumulate or get involved and maximize your profitability
VeChain had 4 false breakouts prior to continue the uptrend after hitting the ATH and now,
I see a great opportunity to accumulate. so maybe for you to get involved to buy (NFA)

VeChain is developing and an extraordinary opportunity to participate

Only if! this downward trend continues and reaches a drop of -49.69%
Check the chart for the possible Target Area to get involved.
consider the price can rebound slightly above the yellow box possible target area (green box)
towards the uptrend and hit the previous ATH with a chace for a 150% profit

NOTE: Price Line Extension (Green/Yellow) is Only a Visual Representation how Price May Move in the Near Future
with Unknown Specific Time Frame Depending on the Speed of the Price and Variables of the market

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